Spotify Premium Apk

Spotify Premium Apk

Spotify Premium APK is a music streaming and podcast platform. Spotify is the best platform where you can listen to your favorite songs and watch the bests movies. Spotify is available in most of Europe, most of the America, Australia, New Zealand and parts of Africa and Asia. It is available for most modern devices. The company has so many updates in Spotify Apk only for users of Spotify to enjoy their best music. There are so many versions of Spotify. The latest version updated in 2018 is following

Spotify Premium APK
Spotify Premium APK

Spotify 2019 version

There is updation in spotify every year or every month. Latest version was updated in 2018 and that was a very advance version for 2019 also. When a update is available on desktop then blue dot appear on next to the menu botton in the top right corner of app. Automatic update on iphone, ipad and android just you have to check  your settings.

Spotify apk premium reddit

Spotify Apk also works on Reddit and you can install this app from reddit. Here you can get all the information and all the updation about this app. You can get all the links about all the functions of this app.

Spotify apk premium download

The Spotify Apk premium is the best platform for best music. You can download this app. This is the top rated and online free to download this application. In this app you can listen and share with your friends to enjoy. Downloading songs, albums or playlists on Spotify is too simple, that is notable. Just click store at the album you would like to down load to pay attention to it offline. Alternatively, click the 3 dots next to a track and click Save to Your Music.

Feature Of Spotify Apk Premium

This is the best music app to enjoy with so many beneficial and enjoyable features. Some most favourite and best features of spotify is following.

  • Spotify radio. You can enjoy the radio on Spotify Apk.
  • Use your voice. You can use your voice to start the music.
  • The Scrub tracks which is on the IOS lock screen and control center. This feature is only for IOS users.
  • View album and artist info
  • Sayouour discovers weekly playlists on Spotify APK.  With this feature, re you can add your songs a the full week as you Ad an d alarm to awake on morning. There is only 30 songs can add on one day.
  • Save your shazam to your playlist. It is really very amazing feature. You can merger shazam and spotify.
  • SoundHound workaround for missing lyrics. Spotify can shows the lyrics of only one song but when you tap the center (now playing) of the app you can see the lyrics of the playing songs and you can watch the lyrics and info about other songs in your playlist.

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